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Use of cookies

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Types of cookies used

Statistical data

This website uses partner for statistical data, such as Google Analytics and Shinystat, to collect statistical and analytical data about the use of the website by its visitors. For example, these partners collect and compile data on page views on the search engines and keywords they used to find your site, on the links which are accessible from the site, and other similar data. These statistics are not used to track user activity on other websites.

Third parties content

This site contains cookies from third parties, such as Google Analytic and Shinystat.

User’s  choices  with respect to cookies

Infrarodon recommends not to restrict or block cookies. However, if you choose to do so, you must consider the following. Detailed information on cookies are also available on the website .

Browser cookies

The Help menu in the toolbar of most browsers will tell you how it is possible not to accept cookies, how to receive a warning from your browser when you receive a new cookie, or how to delete or disable cookies altogether.

Statistical data

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