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Radiatori a raggi infrarossi
Company founded in 1947 – An ideal solution for infrared heating
A comprehensive product range – A targeted global response.

Resistenze elettriche corazzateInfra Rodon 
is one of the world’s most prestigious firm in the thermoelectric heating element sector. It started its activity in 1947 when, in partnership with US company Emerson Electric – already a global leader in electric heating for industrial processes – it developed its revolutionary infrared heater.

The product stood out immediately for its outstanding reliability, simple assembly and control procedures and, most significantly, exceptional performance. By optimising production processes to the maximum, this means considerable savings and improvements in economies of scale.

The infrared heating solution
Grown by the experience of thousands of customers world-wide, the Infra Rodon infrared heater has been constantly improved over the years and now represents the optimum solution for all infrared heating problems in a full range of industrial and civil applications. Infra Rodon’s infrared product range complies with main international standards and, in addition to individual radiators, also includes special modular infrared panels which are ready-assembled and cabled in the exact size to meet the customer’s individual needs. The panels are specially designed to be installed quickly and simply in all operating environments. Infra Rodon infrared panels guarantee the best efficiency and reliability when it comes to irradiating all surfaces fixed or moving.

A comprehensive product range
Constant market presence has enabled Infra Rodon to create a complete range of industrial electric heating products. The range is exceptionally reliable and practical as it stems from customer-oriented design solutions made with the best worldwide materials. Outstanding delivery times and truly competitive prices are the strengths of the company’s sales force.

A targeted global response
Infra Rodon’s customers know they can count on a targeted global response to their individual needs, backed by more than fifty years experience in the development of new applications: analysing heating problems, calculating the power levels required and supplying the most suitable materials, from heating elements and cabling to temperature sensors and heat regulators. The design of complete units, such as control panels, heat exchangers, radiation panels and aerothermic batteries, also involves on-site data collection visits by the company’s expert engineers.