Thermographic Analysis – Infrared thermal camera

This new service, offered by Infra Rodon is addressed to companies requiring occasional but accurate thermographic analysis, not so frequently to justify a dedicated investment. 

TermocameraFor thermographic analysis, Infra Rodon utilizes sophisticated thermal camera devices originally developed for militar use. These thermal cameras allow to visualize and memorize in digital images the heath distribution of manufactures, plans and machinery, even if moving and without fisical contact. Colors can be artificially altered, highlighting heat differencies especially in most cold and hot points. Images are generated and memorized in thermomethrical format: every pixel shows the absolute themperature value with extreme precision. Memorized data can be elaborated afterwards with dedicated softwares.


With a careful temperature analysis you can have considerable directions about working machinery, plants and moving organs, with these advantages: 

1) Finished product improvement increasing efficency utilizing the bidimensional images showed in real time.

2) Reduction in machine stop by preventively highlighting possible machinery overheatings.

3) Improvment of constructive quality, analysing the thermal condition of mechanical parts in movement, thermal insulations, etc…

4) Electrical danger reduction and consequently reduction of fire risk Oxidized electrical contacts, short circuit, extra currents and other anomalies can cause overheating and are potentially dangers for objects and people.

Infrared thermal cameras rental service

The service comprises the shooting session and the subsequent computer analysis and elaboration of the thermographic images recorded. All the dates of the analysis are given to the client in a detailed report that shows: the hot and cold spots, a presentation of thermal profiles, the temperature measurement in specific points selected by the client.

Typical infrared applications

Process Monitoring.
Monitorare il processoTemperature is the most measured parameter in many process control systems. Thermal imaging provides for an accurate, non-contact temperature measurement technique and a real-time two-dimensional view of a wide range of process control applications including web-based applications such as paper, glass, plastic, thermoforming and sheet metals. Other on-line applications include food processing, packaging, molding and many others.


Refractory Condition Monitoring
Monitoraggio dello stato dei refrattariMany high-energy processes such as petrochemical and chemical processing, cement processing and incineration utilize refractory insulation. The condition of the refractory can have both serious safety consequences as well as an impact to product quality. Frequent inspection with thermal imaging is critical in order to reducing problems and maintaining optimal system performance.


Mechanical Inspection
Ispezioni meccanicheSurvey a wide range of mechanical systems such motors, pumps and other type of rotating equipment for lubrication, alignment and cooling problems. Thermal imaging is ideal for low speed rotating equipment inspection such as conveyors and other material handling systems that may not be an inspection point for vibration and oil analysis inspection programs. Other uses of thermal imaging include identifying fluid levels in containers, steam trap inspection and insulation performance.


Electrical Apparatus Inspection
Ispezione di apparecchiature elettriche infrarossiVisually inspect electrical systems for a wide range of problems including loose connections, corroded elements, load imbalance, short circuits and other potentially dangerous faults that typically create heat. Abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow is a primary indicator of many problems in electrical systems. Thermal imaging enables you to see the invisible thermal radiation that may portend impending damage before their condition becomes critical. When current flows in an electrical circuit, part of the electrical energy is converted into heat due to the inherent resistance in all conductive elements. The existence of abnormally high resistance in the circuit or high current flow will result in abnormally high levels of heat to be generated that can be quickly identified with a thermal imager avoiding potential damage to equipment or danger.


Research and Development
Studio progettuale infrarossiThermal imaging is used extensively in engineering and scientific research centers around the world. Key to the use of these imagers is often application-specific software that permits the detailed analysis of both two-dimensional images as well as arrays of image sequences. Thermal imaging provides insight into critical information about an object’s thermal and spectral characteristics. In certain circumstances, information can be obtained on high-speed events (available with high frame-rate cameras) as well as circumstances requiring large dynamic range (available with variable integration cameras). 


Other appliances

Cavallo ai raggi infrarossiAn infrared image contain a lot of information so it can be used also in other sectors like: alimentary, medical, veterinary, thermo hydraulic, building, university etc. etc.