Infrared heaters

Radiatori a raggi infrarossi

The solution for infrared heating

Enhanced by the operational experience and the suggestions of thousands of customers all over the world, Infra Rodon infrared radiators have been further improved by extending use options and they represent today an optimal solution for countless infrared heating applications in the most different sectors,  this includes industrial as well as civil projects.

Entirely made of metal or endowed with quartz infrared radiant source (when very rapid ignition is required), Infra Rodon infrared radiators are carefully designed to ensure maximum modularity and application flexibility and can be further adapted by Infra Rodon to solve specific radiation heating problems in the field of medium wave or short wave infrared radiation.
Supplied with reflector and accessories for mounting, INFRA RODON infrared radiators are characterized by the extreme simplicity of installation that is common to all of our products. INFRA RODON infrared radiators can therefore be easily assembled together to create tunnels, panels and ovens of various shapes and sizes using common mounting materials, such as brackets and metal corners, thanks to the particular robustness of the extruded aluminum casing that composes them.
Infra Rodon production program also  includes, in addition to individual infrared radiators, complete infrared radiant structures, designed and wired in the most appropriate dimensions to meet the needs of the customer, allowing a simple and rapid commissioning.

Metallic infrared medium waves

The special design features of this radiator make it irreplaceable in all industrial applications where you need a powerful and robust medium-wave radiation source, compact, reliable, resistant to the harshest working conditions, humidity, shock, vibration and easily installed in any operating position.

The radiant power as well as the corresponding wavelength can be easily regulated using static energy percentages or INFRA RODON thermoregulators that allow to optimize the performance according to the specific application requirements.

Quartz infrared medium waves

 INFRA RODON medium wavelength Infrared radiators, endowed with quartz tube radiant heating elements (also called infrared lamps), are characterized by high speed in reaching the operating temperature and an equally rapid cooling after switching off the power: this feature can be very useful, for example, in case of production lines with intermittent work cycles and frequent rest periods where shortening the heating periods until operating temperature is needed.

It is also possible to optimize the performance of this type of quartz radiators by using the appropriate INFRA RODON static energy and temperature regulators according to the application requirements

Quartz infrared short waves

Short wavelength infrared lamps are the sources of infrared radiation in this type of radiators. They allow a very high concentration of energy in small spaces, they reach full operating power within a second from the ignition as well as the irradiation becomes null one second after they are turned off and they offer a good penetration of the radiations inside the translucent materials. The minimum thermal inertia enables accurate control in critical production processes where the temperature must be kept within narrow limits. A minimum part of the power (15%) is dissipated as white light (color temperature 2400 ° K) without thermal effects. Just like all Infra Rodon infrared radiators, the power, the corresponding wavelength and the process temperature can be regulated by special static energy percentages provided upon request by INFRA RODON depending on the specific application.