Heating cables


Heating cables

Ideal for heating pipes, floors and frost protection, these cables are available in two different versions: self-regulating cables, on cut-to-fit coils, and constant power cables, with heating units of a specific length and power for the individual heating problem involved.

Constant power heating cables

Constant power heating cables are mainly used to reduce the heat loss of fluids transported through pipes in order to maintain constant the temperature along the whole route or inside tanks. All problems caused by thickening or freezing of liquids such as naphtha, water, chemical compounds, food fluids, combustible oils can be avoided by using this type of cables. Very robust and flexible, they are easy to install and they easily adapt to all types of pipes, valves and fittings. They are also maintenance-free and allow precise temperature control through simple thermostats or by using electronic thermoregulators.

Self-regulating heating tapes

Self-regulating heating tapes are the most advanced product in heating cables sector. They are designed and built to regulate their output power as a function of the process temperature: when it decreases, the power delivered by the cable increases, vice versa in case of temperature increase the power decreases. The self-regulating core essentially consists of an infinite number of resistors in parallel that allow the cable to be cut at any length starting from the coil without creating cold areas. This feature, besides a good flexibility and a limited sheath temperature on each point of the heated surface make tracing of existing systems particularly easy.