Silicone rubber heaters


Riscaldatori in gomma silicone

Rubber / silicone heaters are a new and extremely versatile way of producing heat by contact: minimum heat inertia, minimum dimensions, optimum flexibility, minimum consumption, damp, corrosion and vibration proof. Working temperatures between -70 ° and 200 ° C offer endless applications in the electromedical, aerospace, reprographical and aeronautical industries and for particular applications such as thermal conditioning of small rooms, anticondensation, hot sealing, molding, fluid heating, photocopying machines, taping machines, packing machines, industrial washing tanks, kettles, sterilizers, pasteurisers. The thickness of these resistances is about 1mm and can be sized upon request depending on the application. The anchoring to the surface to be heated is entrusted to a suitable adhesive that simplifies installation and optimizes heat exchange.